Enable Efficiency, Leverage ActiveEfficiency!

Enable Efficiency, Leverage ActiveEfficiency!

Let me start by asking you a question – would it be easy to imagine Apple without iTunes, or even metaphorically – Amazon.com without Amazon Web Services?  Let us pause for a moment and think about Amazon. Amazon.com was not initially built to be served out of AWS, but was served out of a [...]

Microsoft SCCM

ConfigMgr 2012: Always including certain files in your Boot Images

Back in the ConfigMgr 2007 days, I wrote a similar blog called ConfigMgr OSD: Always including certain files in your Boot Images -think Trace32.  I figured it was time to create a similar one for ConfigMgr 2012 since some things have changed.  Even though CMTrace is now included in [...]

ActiveEfficiency - Actively Efficient

Actively Efficient

22nd September, 2014 marks the launch of new versions of two key pieces of technology. One is a new version of our software waste identification and reclaim product, AppClarity. The other is an update to the architectural platform called ActiveEfficiency (AE) that AppClarity and Shopping currently rely on and Nomad, [...]

1E Nomad

How does Nomad determine network bandwidth and protect your network? Ping? Nope. Try Reverse QoS instead

Network Ping, DiffServ, QoS or something special? There are lots of ways to calculate network bandwidth. A network ping can determine WAN speed but this is not ideal as many organizations disable ICMP for many security reasons. Windows firewall alone blocks a lot of ping traffic by default due to the inherent [...]

AppClarity - Software Reclaim as a Service

AppClarity – Software Reclaim as a Service

Understand your exposure to unused software and start reclaimingapplications immediately With over 30% of the software deployed in most organisation being unused or rarely used, with AppClarity you can establish immediate visibility of your exposure, begin reclaiming these applications and make substantial savings in days rather than months or years. [...]

Sumir Karayi: Top Trends in Enterprise IT

Sumir Karayi: Top Trends in Enterprise IT

Businesses are becoming sophisticated in how they consume IT. The business user is starting to drive consumption through self-service and consumerization initiatives. The smartphone has led this evolution and Enterprise IT is now beginning to catch up. In this article, 1E co-founder and CEO, Sumir Karayi, looks at his [...]

What Intellectual Curiosity means to me

What Intellectual Curiosity means to me

One of the four core 1E values is Intellectual Curiosity; this is a short piece on what that value means to me. It’s not about gathering knowledge simply for knowledge sake. Instead it’s figuring out how to apply our knowledge in new and effective ways to create innovative solutions for [...]