Heartbleed Bug does not affect 1E products

Hello there, we’ve been asked by a number of our customers for a statement on 1E products and the Heartbleed Bug issue. Our Engineering department have confirmed that our products are not vulnerable to the exploit. This statement covers current and prior supported versions of ActiveEfficiency, AppClarity, NightWatchman, Nomad and Shopping.

I hope this is pretty clear and unambiguous, but If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

You can learn more about the Heartbleed Bug at heartbleed.com.


Geoff Collins | VP Product Management

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Geoff Collins

About Geoff Collins

Geoff Collins is Vice President of Product Management at 1E, and leads the Product Management team. As part of the 1E team since 2005, Geoff has held a number of roles within the company, initially as a Solutions Engineer across the full gamut of 1E software, then became a Product Manager, before later being appointed Head of Product Management, leading a team of five Product Managers responsible for a suite of five products. He became VP Technology in early 2013. Geoff's role as VP of Product Management is focused on realizing the strategic roadmap for the company. He is passionate about ensuring that 1E continues to delight its customers with best-in-class software solutions, and maintains its position at the cutting edge of IT Efficiency. Away from the office, Geoff is an an enthusiastic sailor and has a boat called Jendor, which is moored on the River Hamble on the south coast of the UK.

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