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Corporate Marketing Manager
Su Kent is the Corporate Marketing Manager at 1E and looks after marketing communications. She works closely with Product Management on the one hand, and Sales on the other, and uses her skills in taking the complex technologies of enterprise IT to communicate the business drivers and benefits to readers. Su has worked in the IT sector since 2000, both in house and as a freelance, writing white papers, thought leadership articles, newsletters, case studies, magazines, brochures, blogs and online content.
Achieving fully automated zero-touch Windows migration

Achieving fully automated zero-touch Windows migration

We understand how daunting deploying a new Operating system across an entire corporate estate can be, which is why we have announced a new eBook, “Zero-Touch Windows Migration,” which outlines the smartest, fastest way for IT teams to deliver new Operating Systems and migrate applications. The eBook comes as Microsoft’s April [...]

Countdown to the end of Windows XP support

Time is ticking for Windows XP support

Tick tock. Six months, that’s equivalent to 181 days, 4344 hours, 250,640 minutes, or 15,638,400 seconds. Are you counting the days until extended Windows XP support expires on April 8, 2014? If you fall into the 18% of companies that Forrester Research Inc. has identified as NOT having yet migrated from Windows [...]

software vendor audit

Software vendor audits: Sasol embarks on optimizing software licenses on servers as well as desktops

Last week I spoke with Cobie Nel, IM Services: Manager Applications for Sasol Group Services, based in South Africa, on the complexities and challenges that a software vendor audit can present when a vendor comes knocking on the door. She has recently been under scrutiny from Microsoft who decided to [...]

Energy Management: A row of computers

Energy management: Work Smart and become smarter at efficiency

Get PC about Enterprise Efficiency I was looking at Microsoft’s Green Blog only the other day and it struck me that when it comes to energy management, however much we try to be green and reduce our power consumption on appliances, actually it was the construction of the device that [...]

Software audit

Increase in software audits causing issues for businesses

Software audits: Some 61 percent of organizations do not monitor for unused software on servers, PCs and laptops 1E has today announced the findings of research looking at how effective businesses are at managing their software licenses and usage. The research shows that, although the number of software vendor audits [...]