OSD, PxE, IP Helpers, DHCP Options - Isn't There a Better Way?

OSD, PxE, IP Helpers, DHCP Options – Isn’t There a Better Way?

A recent myITForum community discussion posted on the SCCM email list server raised the question of which technique was the best way to get a bare metal PxE booting computer to find a PxE server that could respond to the PxE boot request. Remember, this is a special case boot option where the computer powers up, essentially using the “F12 – Boot to Network” BIOS option, The system is essentially saying to the  network “Hey!!! Is there anybody out there with a boot image I can use to g [...]

Enable Efficiency, Leverage ActiveEfficiency!

Enable Efficiency, Leverage ActiveEfficiency!

Let me start by asking you a question - would it be easy to imagine Apple without iTunes, or even metaphorically - Amazon.com without Amazon Web Services?  Let us pause for a moment and think about Amazon. Amazon.com was not initially built to be served out of AWS, but was served out of a more traditional Oracle-backed in-house system. On the other hand, AWS was designed to take the pain away from managing environments, but it made a lot of sense later for Amazon.com to move to AWS. On [...]

ActiveEfficiency - Actively Efficient

Actively Efficient

22nd September, 2014 marks the launch of new versions of two key pieces of technology. One is a new version of our software waste identification and reclaim product, AppClarity. The other is an update to the architectural platform called ActiveEfficiency (AE) that AppClarity and Shopping currently rely on and Nomad, NightWatchman, and the forthcoming MyWorkNow will come to rely on for major future functionality. Let me start by telling you all a little bit about what ActiveEfficiency is, and [...]

1E Nomad

How does Nomad determine network bandwidth and protect your network? Ping? Nope. Try Reverse QoS instead

Network Ping, DiffServ, QoS or something special? There are lots of ways to calculate network bandwidth. A network ping can determine WAN speed but this is not ideal as many organizations disable ICMP for many security reasons. Windows firewall alone blocks a lot of ping traffic by default due to the inherent security issues that can be associated by it. DiffServ can give good Quality of Service (QoS) but requires hardware investment that can utilize this technology not to mention some sol [...]

AppClarity - Software Reclaim as a Service

AppClarity – Software Reclaim as a Service

Understand your exposure to unused software and start reclaimingapplications immediately With over 30% of the software deployed in most organisation being unused or rarely used, with AppClarity you can establish immediate visibility of your exposure, begin reclaiming these applications and make substantial savings in days rather than months or years. AppClarity Reclaim as a Service is a 1E packaged service offering, which will accelerate this process further, providing an immediate view of th [...]

Students on the Lookout – work from anywhere with MyWorkNow

Students on the Lookout – work from anywhere

A few years ago, I was a student in higher education working towards my degree in Computer Science. I almost immediately found that the biggest issue I had was having to go to the university to find a computer to run my tests or to write documentation. I was developing in Turbo Pascal or C or, worse still, access to COBOL (yes, I’m showing my age). It didn’t take long before I was finding the cash to buy myself a home PC. My chosen weapon was a slimline 386 sx25 with a 40Mb HDD and 2Mb of [...]

Federated Authentication – why am I interested?

Federated Authentication – why am I interested?

Federated Authentication is rapidly becoming a well-known term and the technologies that can deliver enterprise secure authentication via this medium are beginning to get more discussion time with the IT leadership teams. For many years, organizations have had centralized security mechanisms in place to ensure that an IT user is who they claim to be and that they have provided both a user name and password to demonstrate this. In higher security environments, the user has needed to provide no [...]

Best Practice. Business Background.

Best Practices for Nomad Upgrades

Troy Martin and I have been very pleased to make the Nomad Upgrade Guide available to you and to have been able to present this blog series on the topic. I want to finish by focusing on the best practices for Nomad upgrades (and ConfigMgr upgrades that include Nomad). We should start by remembering that best practices are generally the best approach but not necessarily the best in all cases. You might have extenuating circumstances that make it more appropriate to use a different practice. An [...]

1E Nomad

Nomad and Binary Differential Replication

Recent conversations have made me think that a blog on how Nomad works with RDC and Binary Differential Replication (BDR) in ConfigMgr would be a good thing.  If you all don't mind, I'll take the next few minutes to explain how Nomad handles the retrieval of changed package content. Let's forget Nomad for a moment.  In the native ConfigMgr environment you create a package.  You deploy that package out your clients and in a (relatively) short time you have the content installed on your mac [...]

Planning your Nomad upgrade process

Planning your Nomad upgrade process

If you’re like me, one of your favorite activities is upgrading Nomad or ConfigMgr to take advantage of new features. In a simple lab environment that’s quick and easy to do, but experience tells us that in production things are not always quite so simple. So what should you do when planning your production Nomad upgrade process? The first step is to read our recently released Nomad Upgrade Guide. Nomad upgrades are usually easy but you might need to address a consideration or two in the [...]