1E Nomad and IIS Request Filtering

A ConfigMgr client uses HTTP or HTTPS to get content from a distribution point (DP) when running a deployment that requires content. IIS has a built in function called IIS Request Filtering which blocks certain file extensions, folders and file names. Some examples include: <filename>.resx (file extensions) Visual C++ (double escaping) \bin folder (hidden segments) The ConfigMgr client doesn’t get blocked when downloading content from a ConfigMgr DP over HTTP or HTTPS. This is bec [...]

SCCM 2012 Application Deployment Methodology Best Practice

Configuration Manager 2012 Application Deployment Methodology Best Practice

In the spirit of 1E’s dedication to being a strong advocate of the Configuration Manager community, here is something for all of you currently either digging through your Configuration Manager 2012 upgrade or planning to do so: SCCM 2012 Application Deployment Methodology Best Practice. This best practice white paper will come in handy when looking to leverage Application Management and adapting that to reliable/repeatable operational process. With Configuration Manager 2012 came the birth [...]

How to Get the Most Out of SCCM 2012

White Paper – How to Get the Most Out of SCCM 2012

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 (“ConfigMgr” or “SCCM”) has been well received by organizations of all types and sizes around the world. Its predecessor, 2007 went EOL in June, and many of the organizations that 1E works with have moved to 2012, are moving to it, or have imminent plans to do so. If you are preparing to upgrade or are in the midst of such a project, this is the ideal time to expedite your project, minimize your costs, and maximize the benefits from [...]

OSD over Direct Access using ConfigMgr and Nomad

OSD over Direct Access using ConfigMgr and Nomad

IT administrators at some point in time have been stumped with the challenge of building machines over a “Direct Access” connection. Many enterprises manage their IT environment with Direct Access and have been looking for a scalable and flexible solution to address this problem. Sumeeth Evans, VP IT, Pedcor Companies, collaborated with 1E to develop a solution that met his very challenging requirements. Sumeeth and Apurv Gupta (Senior Consultant, 1E) describe their solution and approach [...]

A New ConfigMgr Start

A New ConfigMgr Start

The time is fast approaching for Microsoft System Center 2007 Configuration Manager to fall out of support, and with the great new features of ConfigMgr 2012 you may find yourself with the task of designing your ConfigMgr 2012 hierarchy. There are two ways to approach a ConfigMgr 2012 design: either look at the ConfigMgr 2007 environment that has served you well, if you have one, and reproduce the same hierarchy for your new ConfigMgr 2012 design, or start afresh with a new hierarchy. I recomm [...]

Is BranchCache Right For Your Organisation? - A new whitepaper

Is BranchCache Right For Your Organization? – A new whitepaper

As experts in content distribution for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (known as ConfigMgr or SCCM), we at 1E occasionally get questions about whether including Microsoft’s BranchCache technology will provide the benefits to enable a reduction in the server infrastructure required for an enterprise design. We’re passionate about everything related to content distribution and so one of my colleagues, Paul Thomsen, recently updated our in-depth analysis of BranchCache and its u [...]

Where has the SMSDP variable gone?

This Task sequence variable was around in ConfigMgr 2007 and I used it to get the name of the server where content was being pulled from. Now in ConfigMgr 2012 the variable has gone. But the good news is you can still find the name of the DP where the content is getting downloaded from by checking the read only task sequence variable starting with _SMSTSHTTP. Starting with… yes the variable is _SMSTSHTTP plus the package been downloaded. For example _SMSTSHTTPSPS20001D.This variable is only p [...]

How to minimize the risk of an OSDisaster

How to minimize the risk of an OSDisaster

You'll have read by now I'm sure about Emory University's Operating System Deployment disaster. For those who haven't, during TechEd 2014, the university's IT department prepared and deployed Windows 7 upgrades to the campus computers. Rod Trent provides a good summary of the unfortunate mishap at Windows IT Pro. "If you've worked with ConfigMgr at all, you know that there are checks-and-balances that can be employed to ensure that only specifically targeted systems will receive an OS upgra [...]

ConfigMgr Administrator - Keeping the Distribution Point (DP) servers Lights On

A Day in the Life of a ConfigMgr Administrator: Part 2

Keeping the Distribution Point (DP) servers Lights On Point-of-View: from a ConfigMgr Administrator to his Manager, discussing how he/she spends their day managing a ConfigMgr environment. This is the second part of my three-part story that details what we did in our company (in a previous life) to help reduce the DP server management nightmare. Part one of this story can be found by clicking here. So a little background first; we’ve got 140 Distribution Points in our ConfigMgr environme [...]

Better Understanding ConfigMgr 2012 Security Controls

Better Understanding ConfigMgr 2012 Security Controls

Many of the solutions we build and provide here at 1E have the option to be integrated with Microsoft’s System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. That kind of work quickly leads to working with SCCM security. In talking with many people about ConfigMgr 2012 security I’ve found that there can be a number of misconceptions or incomplete understandings. ConfigMgr 2012 security is a very broad topic, so to be clear I’m only talking about some core concepts that apply to the SCCM console, an [...]