Missed 1E Academy Live at MMS? There’s more!

We, here at 1E, truly believe in making things as efficient and intelligent as possible saving time, money and effort. That's why we came up with the 1E Academy Live. We want to share our knowledge, experiences, tips and tricks with you, the community, in order to help you make your OS migrations and deployments more efficient. It also allows you to meet up with your fellow professionals to discuss best practices and how to automate the things that should be automated. We're excited to annou [...]

1E are going to TechEd Europe 2013!

1E are pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at booth #95 at TechEd Europe, Microsoft’s Premiere Event for IT Professionals & Enterprise Developers. Here, there will be hands-on learning, deep product exploration and countless opportunities to build relationships with a community of Microsoft experts and your peers. Learn more about the other events that 1E will be at here. Event Date & Time -  25-28 June Event Location - IFEMA – Feria de Madrid Convention Centr [...]

1E Academy Live – A great kick off to MMS 2013

1E Academy Live is over and we're now on the Monday of MMS. It's was hard work but we're glad to have such amazing people on our team and an awesome community to have come to our session - we wouldn't change a thing. We'd like to thank all of those who took part in the certification process and became ActiveEfficiency experts and you may have heard we teased a little bit about 1E Workspace. Phil Schwan wrote a pretty neat summary of his Sunday ahea [...]

MMS 2013 – 1E Academy Live is almost here

We're creeping ever closer to the start of 1E Academy Live and things are very exciting in the 1E camp! Everyone is working hard to make this an exciting and fun afternoon with lots of tips, tricks and knowledge thrown in for good measure. We've snapped a few pics for now and will be getting a few more as the day goes on. Are you excited? We definitely are. Don't forget our official hashtag for the session: #1EAL Egyptian Ballroom, Luxor Hotel: 2:30 [...]

1E at MMS 2013 – Learn when and where to be for 1E

Click to enlarge We recently published a press release about some of the things 1E will be doing at MMS 2013 this year. I’m going to be going into a bit more detail about how you can interact with 1E over MMS – we’re extremely excited to be there this year and we hope you all are too! Are you using twitter at MMS? Our official Twitter handle is: @1E_Global Official Hashtags: #1EMVO – 1E Man vs OSD #1EAL – 1E Academy Live [...]

Man vs. OSD – Making you famous at MMS and a chance to win a 1E Limited Edition Maglite or a myITforum party ticket!

We will be running an on-going feature throughout MMS, Sun 7 – Tues 9, where we will be video recording your community questions surrounding OSD and automation to help you with your OS migration projects. We will then take your questions, answer them and then play them on our booth along with the answer! (We’ll also send you the answer separately.) Getting those hard hitting questions answered by our resident experts not enough of an incentive for you? The best questions and scenarios tha [...]

Introducing Nomad 2012 Version 5 Webinar Q and A: Part 2

Welcome back to our two part series answering all the questions you had in our Introducing Nomad 2012 v5 webinar. We've answered most of the new features and general Nomad questions in part one and will continue to answer the rest of the questions surrounding Nomad and System Center Configuration Manager questions. Remember, you can still watch the recording of the webinar here. Nomad 2012 and Wireless Q: ­Can you confirm Nomad also works on wireless Networks? The client broadcast [...]

Introducing Nomad 2012 Version 5 Webinar Q and A: Part 1

There's been a lot of action surrounding Nomad 2012 recently with the impending release of version 5. We've had the announcement of two great new features in Nomad 2012 V5, an Introducing Nomad 2012 version 5 video released, and a webinar showing you how the new features work in version 5. If you missed the webinar, you can still watch the recording by clicking on this link here. During the webinar we received a lot of questions. So many in fact that we've had to spli [...]

What’s new in January 2013? Three 1E webinars this month

We’ve all made it into the first week of 2013 and we welcome a brand new year with brand new ideas. Here at 1E, we’ve also got some brand new webinars for you all so let’s see in our new year’s treasure chest. On January 15 we have our Introducing Nomad 2012 version 5.0 Webinar in which Richard Threlkeld, Technical Product Manager for Nomad 2012, showcases the brand new functions of Nomad 2012 such as FanOut and Single Site Download. He talks about how it helps Nomad fur [...]

Innovative ways to recover stranded IT assets, at Data Center Dynamics- Dallas, TX

The program at Data Center Dynamics Converged, in Dallas, TX this week was full of topics related to the problem of diminishing data center capacity, and the difficulty we experience as data center operators in managing this problem. DLB Associates, representing ASHRAE TC9.9 continued its mission to socialize the expanded thermal operating guidelines for ICT, with the promise of dramatic energy savings by relaxing the environmental set points in the data center.  In a similar vein, the Green [...]