Nomad 2012 nominated for Network Computing Awards 2013′s Infrastructure Product of the Year

  Nomad 2012 has been nominated for the Network Computing Awards 2013 as Infrastructure Product of the Year. Now in their seventh year, the Network Computing Awards were set up to recognise the solutions and the companies that have been most impressive in helping organisations function better through getting the most out of their networks. If your organization uses Nomad and you love it as much as we love improving it to make your infrastructure even more efficient, vote for it using thi [...]

Innovative ways to recover stranded IT assets, at Data Center Dynamics- Dallas, TX

The program at Data Center Dynamics Converged, in Dallas, TX this week was full of topics related to the problem of diminishing data center capacity, and the difficulty we experience as data center operators in managing this problem. DLB Associates, representing ASHRAE TC9.9 continued its mission to socialize the expanded thermal operating guidelines for ICT, with the promise of dramatic energy savings by relaxing the environmental set points in the data center.  In a similar vein, the Green [...]

Maximizing Data Center ROI at Data Center Dynamics- Toronto

[caption id="attachment_4336" align="alignright" width="300" caption="1E Data Center Practice Lead, Bob Landstrom, speaking at Data Center Dynamics in Toronto, Ontario"][/caption]The operation of the data center represents the bulk of most Enterprise IT budgets.  Most firms will attest that the composition of the annual IT budget is 80% for “keeping the lights on,” and only 20% for “projects” or “innovation.”  Of that 80% of the budget invested in ma [...]

supercharged deployments with 1e windows 7 migration

Accelerated Windows 7 Deployments – Supercharging OS migrations

1E are proud to release a white paper about Accelerated Windows 7 Deployments that covers the challenges of a Windows 7 migration. It talks about optimizing Windows 7 migrations from Application Rationalization, where you’re faced with the issue of what applications are actually required to be migrated to the new OS, through to the varying methods of User State Migration. Here’s a short excerpt from the beginning of the paper: There is no longer a “one solution fits all” approach [...]

1E OSD Technical Deep Dive – Questions and Answers from the webinar

Our OSD technical deep dive session was a hit and we’d like to thank again all those who attended. We got quite a few questions during the session and we’d like to address them all so here we go: Session 1 I understand there are new TS Actions available with Nomad 2012. How do I get all of those new actions in my CM07 TS Editor? ­ The task sequence integration is also available for ConfigMgr 07. You need to make sure you install the Admin UI extensions. Are Nomad 2012 and ConfigMgr 20 [...]

Are pocs - proof of concept - really required

Does a Proof of Concept (POC) really prove anything?

It is common practice for enterprises to engage in lengthy and expensive POCs to test vendor products and technologies before making a purchase. This old and archaic method of evaluating products does little but waste precious time and energy. POCs are usually executed in a lab or test environments that are pristine and rarely ever mimic the chaos and complexities that exist in a real production environment. Most vendor products usually end up performing very well in POCs that are conducted in a [...]

Photo Credit: Lisa Callagher Chambers

Software License Optimization is an Actual Thing

We exhibited our IT efficiency solutions at the IAITAM event in Palm Springs last week. I had the pleasure of speaking on the topic of virtualization, specifically how it impacts licensing and what can be done to reduce costs and save money. It was a great session with engaging discussion and debate throughout. Attendees weren't shy with questions, challenges and in sharing their own experience (a good sign they were listening!) We came away from the event hugely excited. Software and IT As [...]

Separating Server Value from Waste at Data Center Dynamics- Chicago

If one agrees that data is the Business’ most valuable asset, then the data center is the metaphorical treasure chest of the Business.  The data center represents a major focal point of capital and expense for the Business, as the container and life support system for its IT assets.  While data centers are conceived with a certain return on investment in mind, managing the delivery of this value is difficult once the data center is commissioned. At Data Center Dynamics Converged, in Chic [...]

data center 2 efficiency

Power, Productivity and the Internet: Part 2 – All hands on deck

In part one, Power, Productivity and the Internet: Part 1 – The core of the problem, we looked at the issues inefficiencies of energy consumption in data centers here we look at what to do to address them. A data center exists to support the data processing within it.  Data centers are rarely static and unchanging.  Data centers are seldom homogeneous in applications and data within them, or in the type and vintage of data processing equipment they contain.  As [...]

data center

Power, Productivity and the Internet: Part 1 – The core of the problem

A recent NYTimes article touches upon a number of topics in the ongoing conversation about data center energy efficiency. Some reading that article may react as if some secret revelation has been exposed, incriminating our beloved social media networks and data center as spendthrifts or environmentally ignorant. The fact of the matter is that we live in an information driven world. Information systems are the foundation of our economies, governments, entertainment and many aspects of our dail [...]