Following 1E: System Center Configuration Manager on Steroids

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is without a doubt the most effective systems management solution on the market. But when combined with the 1E product suite you will get a more streamlined, automated, and efficient systems management platform that will actually remove cost from your organization. You will have Configuration Manager on Steroids! Watch to the webcast replay: System Center Configuration Manager on Steroids [...]

Following 1E: How the Public Sector Can Use More Current Resources and Cut Costs

Jerry Rutkowski, VP of Federal Programs at 1E has a piece posted today at the Environmental & Energy Management News junction, Environmental Leader.  Jerry goes over why efficiency in IT is so important to the public sector in 2012.  While there were gains in 2011, 2012 opens up new opportunities to make more significant improvements through streamlining systems management, taking control over power costs and energy waste, and wrap it all into operational effectiveness. Read throug [...]

Ovum report highlights reasons for Power Management implementation reluctance

A new reports from Ovum shows that, despite the huge savings in cost and environment, some organizations are still tentative about deploying a power management solution.  Ovum sites a few reasons in the article.  They are all interesting reasons, but, as I read, one stands out to me as something I haven’t thought of previously, and its worth mentioning here in the event it describes your organization. One of the reasons, Ovum outlines, centers around the built-in power management cap [...]

Nomad and NightWatchman gives the the U.S. Department of State quick success in security and savings

U.S. Department of State taps 1E for PC power management and bandwidth optimization Department’s efficient IT initiative achieves early success, setting the foundation for continued savingsNew York & London, 14 December 2011 - 1E, the global leader in Efficient IT solutions, and the U.S. Department of State today disclosed the initial results of a joint power management and systems management initiative.Federal mandates assess agencies on a variety of sustainability areas, including ene [...]

Video: Automatically switching off idle PCs to save thousands

In this video interview from the Greenbang 2011 Efficiency Awards, Shaun Jeffery of Newham University Hospitals NHS Trust and Richard Clarke of 1E speak with Greenbang managing editor Shirley Siluk about 1E’s selection as winner in the “Best public sector project” category. By deploying 1E’s NightWatchman energy management software for PCs, Newham University Hospital expects to be able to save more than £18,500 per year and cut its annual carbon dioxide emissions by 143 metric tonnes. [...]

New whitepaper: How to claim your energy rebate from your utility provider when implementing a PC Power Management solution

In a recent post, we talked about an article on that talks to how you can obtain energy rebates from your utility provider.  The article does a great job in informing you about the rebates, but we decided it would be useful to take it a step further.  In a new whitepaper, we cut through the tedium and time of having to figure out exactly how to obtain the rebates. Download the whitepaper:  How to claim your energy rebate from your utility provider when implementing a [...]

Utility providers will partially or fully fund the costs of a PC power management project

Nick Milne-Home, the president of 1E in North America, has a great piece posted today on the web site.  I think this is truly interesting because he walks through the opportunities and incentives that are available for companies planning a PC Power Management project, or a server reduction program.  These incentives play perfectly alongside our solutions, NightWatchman SE and NightWatchman Server Edition, but there is a time consideration.  You must hurry to take adva [...]

So how did they perform? Our customers and the CRC League Table

Here at 1E, we’ve been looking at the newly published 2010-2011 CRC Performance League Table. We wanted to see how organizations are getting on with CRC reporting, but more importantly, with reducing their carbon footprints. We’re pleased to say that we work with 93 of the top 500 organizations in the Performance League Table (PLT) – that’s a respectable 19%. Almost half (47%) of that number use our flagship PC power management solution, NightWatchman Enterprise includi [...]

Ensuring shutdown of PCs is still the easiest energy reduction procedure

At Banking, there’s an interesting article up about how the “little things add up” when applied to Green IT.  To a few, Green IT still seems like an unobtainable but noteworthy objective, but its really not as hard to obtain as it sounds.  It’s the little things in the organization where you can cobble “wins” together to meet your overall objective.  Green IT need not be a monumental shift and change procedure for most organizations.  It’s really about [...]

South Africa’s OUTsurance using proven solution to save 146,000 kWh of electricity per year

OUTsurance selects NightWatchman® Enterprise to improve patch management with Wake-on-LAN and power manage its 2,000 PCs Leading South African short-term insurer improves manageability of PC estate and stands to save 146,000 kWh of electricity per year – the equivalent annual electricity use of 20 homes Cape Town, 10th November, 2011 - 1E (, the global leader in Efficient IT solutions, today announced that it has been selected by OUTsurance (, to improve p [...]